This website is one of the websites that publishes and promotes Filipino short stories. It helps not just professional writers but also students to have an easy access to Filipino short stories. Filipino writers and students are more comfortable to research online rather than in libraries, because nowadays, libraries are so crowded and the materials are so limited.

Many readers, whether online or book readers, can benefit from this site especially when they are having hard time looking for a hard copy of a particular Filipino short story. Not all book publishing companies have the capability to give all Filipino short stories the opportunity to be exposed online.

Filipino short stories in this site are written not just by popular Filipino authors but also by aspiring Filipino writers. Filipino short stories posted here are categorized as original Filipino-written works, not just translated version of short stories from other language.

This site helps aspiring and young Filipino writers to explore Filipino-written works. They can get ideas on how to write properly and it will give them an opportunity to make their own short stories using the techniques they have learned.

Publishing the work of every Filipino writer online helps promote Filipino –written works in global scene. In this way, it showcases Filipino talents and Filipino writers’ commitment to Philippine Literature.

Enjoy reading Filipino short stories online! Be a part of this site. To all Filipino short story writers, let us convince the world that Philippine literature will live forever!

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